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Venture into the sun with the confidence and flair only the Rash Guard Shirts for Women from our exclusive collaboration can offer. These shirts beautifully encapsulate Jantzen's iconic style while harnessing the advanced sun protection prowess of BloqUV.

Each shirt boasts a UPF 50+ rating, ensuring that a mere 1/50th of the sun's UV rays touch your skin. Designed with both the adventurer and the style-savvy in mind, these Rash Guard Shirts promise an unmatched fusion of fashion and function. Their form-fitting silhouette complements the wearer's figure, while the high-quality fabric provides a soft and comfortable fit.

Beyond the beach, these shirts are versatile enough for various outdoor activities, be it hiking, paddleboarding, or simply a day out in the park. Their moisture-wicking and quick-dry features enhance the overall experience, ensuring you stay fresh and stylish.

The Rash Guard Shirts from the BloqUV x Jantzen Collection redefine sun protection. Embrace the sun with elegance, knowing you're shielded by the best. Discover the art of protective fashion today.

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