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Sun protection swimwear for women

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Discover the Fusion of Elegance and UV Protection with Jantzen's Women's Swimwear Line

Embark on a serene journey of style and safety with Jantzen's latest collection of sun protection swimwear for women. Crafted for the modern woman, Jantzen harmonizes the art of contemporary design with the science of sun safety, ensuring you no longer have to choose between fashion-forward elegance and essential skin protection.

BloqUV x Jantzen: A Symbiosis of Timeless Design and Cutting-Edge Fabric Technology

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Jantzen proudly partners with BloqUV to present the BloqUV x Jantzen line, an exquisite fusion of Jantzen's signature prints and BloqUV's state-of-the-art sun-blocking technology. Each piece in this refined collection offers UPF 50+ protection, coupled with moisture-wicking and quick-drying features, to enhance your comfort as you bask in the glow of the sun.

For those seeking the pinnacle of sun-safe swimwear, our curated selection promises peace of mind with unparalleled style. Featuring the elegant one-piece paddle suit by BloqUV, our range caters to the adventurous spirit desiring comprehensive coverage without compromising on a fashionable statement.

Infuse UV Protection into Every Moment with Jantzen's Swimwear Essentials

The BloqUV x Jantzen assortment seamlessly integrates with Jantzen's timeless solid hues, curating a plethora of stylish combinations. Whether your day takes you from the sandy shores to the green expanse of a golf course, or from the rugged trails to the dynamic courts of pickleball, our sun-protective swimwear for women equips you to embrace each activity with confidence and unparalleled sophistication.

Prepare to transform your sun-wear experience. Explore the BloqUV x Jantzen collection now, and let each wave highlight your poise and sun-wise fashion sense.

Jantzen's Swimwear: Where UPF 50+ Protection Meets High Fashion

The importance of UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) has never been more pronounced. UPF measures a fabric's effectiveness against harmful UVA and UVB rays. With Jantzen's swimwear, which boasts a UPF rating of 50+, only a minuscule fraction of the sun's rays can penetrate the fabric, allowing you to indulge in the sunshine with the assurance of maximum protection, fused with the timeless style Jantzen is celebrated for.

What is UPF in a swimsuit?

Jantzen’s UPF swimsuits protect you from the sun. For a swimsuit, UPF indicates how much UV radiation can penetrate the fabric and reach the skin. A higher UPF rating means greater protection from harmful UV rays.

Is UPF swimwear safe?

Yes, Jatnzen’s UPF swimwear is safe and designed to provide added protection against UV radiation. The UPF rating of swimwear ensures that the fabric has undergone testing and meets specific standards for blocking UV rays. This means that wearing UPF Jantzen’s swimwear can help safeguard your skin from sunburns, premature aging, and potential long-term damage caused by UV exposure. However, it's still essential to take additional sun protection measures like using sunscreen, wearing a hat, and seeking shade, especially during peak sun hours.

How does UV swimwear work?

UV swimwear typically uses special fabrics and construction techniques to enhance sun protection. These garments are made from tightly woven or specially treated materials that can block a significant portion of UV radiation from reaching the skin. The fabrics used often have a high UPF rating, allowing them to effectively filter out UV rays. Some UV swimwear may also incorporate additional features like long sleeves, high necklines, and extended coverage to further minimize sun exposure in covered areas.

Do Jantzen's swimsuits block UV rays?

Jantzen's swimsuits are designed to block UV rays. They are made using special fabrics and materials that have a high level of UV protection. Our swimsuits have been tested and proven to provide effective sun protection, shielding the wearer's skin from harmful UV radiation.

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