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Reimagine sun-safe elegance with Jantzen’s latest offering – the Zip Front Long Sleeve One Piece. A seamless blend of Jantzen's timeless aesthetic and BloqUV’s unmatched sun protection expertise, this swimwear is the epitome of sophistication meeting safety.

Sporting a UPF 50+ rating, it ensures that only a minuscule 1/50th of the sun’s UV rays grace your skin. The long sleeves provide an added layer of protection, making it ideal for extended outdoor escapades. The zip front design not only exudes a contemporary flair but also offers ease of wear, allowing you to transition from a sunny beach day to a sunset soirée with effortless charm.

Its moisture-wicking and quick-dry properties ensure that comfort never takes a back seat. Dive deep, surf high, or lounge around, this one piece is a testament to the modern woman's desire for style without compromise.

Dress to impress and protect with the Zip Front Long Sleeve One Piece. Where fashion meets function, brilliance beckons.

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